Thanadoula contemplative end of living care
Thanadoula contemplative end of living care Thanadoula contemplative end of living care

Thanadoula Service Fee Schedule

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Initial Consultation – Free

A no-obligation discussion with the dying and family to determine your needs and wishes. Bring your questions, and I will bring the anwers.

Developing a Care Plan ($200)

Payment due following meeting.

Completion of an Intake Form describing:

  • What your main concerns are at this time
  • Existing challenges/needs and those anticipated in the future
  • Medical conditions and symptoms
  • Treatments client is receiving
  • Care/support services you are receiving
  • Primary reasons for seeking support services
  • How you wish to live out the remainder of your life
  • Your wishes and ideas about the end of your life, being with family, who you want to see, what you wish to do now, what should happen nearer the time of death, and what should happen after death.

Advance Care Planning & Implementation ($50 per person)
plus mileage for subsequent meetings ($0.45 per km)

  • Defining what an advance care plan is and its importance.
  • Determining what treatments and care decisions the client wants.
  • Resources offered to better understand the term "life sustaining treatments."
  • Determining and documenting what are acceptable and unacceptable conditions.

Estate Planning and Guide ($10)

  • Providing a document to complete one’s personal vital information.

Companionship and Support Services for Client and/or Family
($25 per hour, plus mileage)

  • Providing physical, emotional and spiritual support for clients and families when medical professionals and other support personnel may be unavailable. (In hospital, nursing home or home )

Educational Services ($25 per hour, plus mileage)

  • Provide reassurance and educate the dying person and their family about the process and experience of dying.
  • Discuss Palliative Care/Hospice considerations.
  • Provide literature to assist families in understanding what is required for caring a loved one at home during their last stage of living.
  • Grief and bereavement.

Co-ordinate with Healthcare Professional/Agencies on your behalf ($25 per hour)

  • Correspond with professional/agencies by telephone, fax and email.
  • Liaise with health professionals/agencies.

Education & Consultation

  • Clarify and educate families on components of a family-directed home funeral. Please contact if interested in more information.

Life-Cycle Celebrant® Officiating Funerals & Memorials ($500)

  • Providing a personal dignified end-of-life tribute to your loved one.
  • Write a ceremony and eulogy that accurately reflects the life and beliefs of the person who has died.
  • Suggest meaningful ways to honour and celebrate your loved one’s life.

Life-Cycle Celebrant® Officiating Cremation/Graveside/Ceremonies ($200)

Follow-up Consultations – Complimentary



Thanadoula contemplative end of living care Thanadoula contemplative end of living care
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