Barb Phillips - Thanadoula

Join me for an event to listen, learn, think, imagine and consider the different choices and options of after death care for yourself and your loved ones. I offer interactive & informative events that let you discover what a Thanadoula does, and how I can assist you and your loved ones on this challenging journey.

Coming Events

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Death Cafes

Let’s talk about death. A Death Cafe creates a safe space to discuss and increase awareness of death, helping people make the most of their lives. Come together to share thought-provoking, engaging and life affirming conversation in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere.


Greening Your Final Arrangements


There is much confusion about End of Living Planning and advance medical care directives and home funerals. These seminars will demystify the paperwork and teach you how to legally define and communicate your wishes with your family and the medical community.

Film Presentation & Discussions

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